Galleri Gnist, Molde, Norway 26/11 - 11/12/16

The exhibition “In between” is about spaces of unconsciousness and the freedom that exist in the meeting with the unknown. We are always on our way from A to B - physically or metaphorically. The pictures I present are about these in between spaces.

One can experience to find comfort in the places we just pass by. Some find an openness, and a quality in not knowing. Places where we have no expectations or memories are open for our imagination or interpretation.

“In between” can also be pauses and time that is not yet booked. Several philosophers have pointed out that todays people have too little ”in between time”. In these pauses existential questions come up, and we recognize and get to know ourselves.


For me the photos are like glue between the known and the unknown, and something that brings together different experiences and periods in life. But most interesting is what thees images awake in the audience. I don’t want to present a special story or answer, but an openness where we can get a glimpse of our own secrets, memories and deeper recognition.